Poetry. POLYVERSE is just that: a verse of many forms and possibilities. Taking its cue from a wide range of modern and postmodern poetics, Brown’s work enacts an exciting and suggestive poetry of possibility. Winner of the 1996 New American Poetry Competition, selected by Charles Bernstein.

Acclaim for Polyverse:

“Among younger American poets, Lee Ann Brown is one of the wittiest and most inventive. Her new book, Polyverse, comes from the stylish Sun and Moon Press in their New American Poets Series. Here’s flavor.” —Robert Hass, The Washington Post 


“Lee Ann Brown’s Polyverse might be one of the best by the new avant-garde so far… The range of emotions, or even the fact that there is emotion, is Brown’s triumph in a world where experimental poetry favors linguistic experimentation over sentiment…Polyverse is Lee Ann Brown’s poetry, not anyone else’s, and it rises above St. Mark’s Place where it will scatter into thousands of pieces and wind up on everyone’s bookshelf who wants to know what’s next.”—Chris Fischbach, Rain Taxi 


“Where so much of our self-styled avant-gardism has been style-repellent, Polyverse is style-amorous. Tributes to Dickinson, O’Hara, Ginsberg, and Stein are undisguised; more submerged, one suspects, are myriad song-echoes and ventriloquies that, through sheer voice abundance, achieve something of the same celebration effected by the No-saying-Yes recursions of poststructuralist theory.” —Brian Lennon, Boston Review 

Buy Polyverse Here

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