Tender Buttons

Tender Buttons was founded in 1989 by Lee Ann Brown and seeks to publish innovative poetry written by women. Works include:

Tender Buttons # 1: Sonnets by Bernadette Mayer, 1989.

Tender Buttons # 2: Not a Male Pseudonym by Anne Waldman, 1990.

Tender Buttons # 3: Trimmings by Harryette Mullen, 1991.

Tender Buttons # 4: Agnes Lee by Agnes Lee Dunlop Wiley, 1992.

Tender Buttons # 5: Lawn of Excluded Middle by Rosmarie Waldrop, 1993.

Tender Buttons # 6: silent teachers   remembered sequel by Hannah Weiner, 1994.

Tender Buttons # 7: Imagination Verses by Jennifer Moxley, 1996.

Tender Buttons # 8: Cunt-Ups by Dodie Bellamy, 2001.

Tender Buttons # 9: Pollen Memory by Laynie Browne, 2003. 

Tender Buttons #10: the desire to meet with the beautiful by India Radfar, 2003.

Tender Buttons # 11: The Book of Practical Pussies, a collection of writing with drawings by Michelle Rollman (with Krupskaya Press), 2009.

Tender Buttons # 12: Dear Alain by Katy Bohinc, 2014.

Tender Buttons # 13: Please Add To This List: Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets & Experiments, 2014.

Tender Buttons # 14: T E N D E R   O M N I B U S: The First 25 Years of Tender Buttons Press, 2015.

Tender Buttons # 15: B by Julie Patton, 2015.

Learn more at tenderbuttonspress.com

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